What is the ESS Policies & Procedures Manual?

Estate Security Services provides you with its exclusive ESS Policies & Procedures Manual, a first of its kind in the industry. This manual contains all the specific information required to smoothly and accurately operate all security and facility equipment on a property. This includes everything from gas, water and power to the operation of alarms, cameras and lighting systems.

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Does ESS offer a free initial consultation?

Estate Security Services believes that you and your family deserve true peace of mind when it comes to your Security, and that is why each and every relationship begins with a free, no-obligation initial consultation. This allows you to meet and discuss our philosophy in security for your residence without feeling that you are a prisoner in your own home.

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How do I contact Estate Security Services?

Thank you for considering Estate Security Services, Inc. We welcome you to call or e-mail us for a free, no-obligation security analysis of your estate. We look forward to speaking with you soon. Call us at 818-366-8905.

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