Mission Statement

The ESS Objective

A Comprehensive Approach to Securing Your Home Environment.

To Recommend security systems that compliment and meet the intrinsic needs of our individual clients and their families.

To Integrate access controls, locks, lights, alarms, and cameras into one viable system, wherein the sum of the system is greater that the individual parts.

To Recommend security systems that are unobtrusive and user friendly.

To Maintain our focus in leading edge technologies that serve the Law Enforcement Community and Security Industry.

To Continue to strive for and maintain a sense of pride in our work that will clearly demonstrate us as a leader in the Security Industry.

To Evaluate, enter and remain diligent in leading edge strategies in the marketing and servicing of our clients.

To Create an environment that allows our employees to grow professionally and personally so as to reach their individual potential.

To Operate this company providing a solid example of ethical conduct that encourages employee efforts to perform work fairly and honestly with clients and fellow employees.

To View every potential problem as an opportunity to highlight our experiences, professionalism and expertise.

To Share the benefits of our successes with our employees, their families, our clients and the community.