• Perimeter Security

    State of the art methods and technologies

    Estate Security Services utilizes state of the art methods and technologies to secure the exterior of your estate and it's attached property. We incorporate the lifestyle of your family and estate staff in accomplishing this goal.

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  • Interior Security

    Securing your home

    Your home is your castle, and it needs to be protected for you and your family. Estate Security Services provides exceptional methods to keep your home safe and secure.

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  • Personnel

    The finest, most professional security officers

    Estate Security Services provides the finest, most professional Security Officers for your estate. Our Officers are exclusively active or retired Law Enforcement personnel of the highest caliber and can be utilized in covert or visible applications, depending on your specific needs.

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  • Travel and Transportation

    Travel with peace of mind

    Whether it’s a domestic trip, or you and your family are traveling to a remote island, Estate Security Services is there for you. We can coordinate all the key elements that are involved in providing a safe and secure trip for you and your family.

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  • Policies and Procedures Manual

    A first of its kind in the industry

    Estate Security Services provides you with its exclusive ESS Policies & Procedures Manual, a first of its kind in the industry. This manual contains all the specific information required to smoothly and accurately operate all security and facility equipment on a property. This includes everything from gas, water and power to the operation of alarms, cameras and lighting systems.

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  • Emergency Response

  • Miscellaneous